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Plainfield's EID was created by local property owners to specifically address the needs and interests of the tenant businesses and local property owners within the designated District calling Plainfield home.


With more than half of Plainfield's employees coming to work from outside of Hendricks County, the Plainfield EID has utilized collected revenue to maintain and enhance existing commuting services for these workers.


Additionally, the EID supports the attraction, retention and training of employees through partnerships established throughout the town, county and region. 


1. Why an EID?

A. To address the common concerns of property owners and companies within the designated area. Employee Retention and Attraction: More than 50% of the employees in the District commute to Plainfield, with the majority coming from Indianapolis.

2. What is the budget?

A. The combined EID will generate nearly $475,000. The vast majority of these funds provide sustainable funding for the Plainfield Connector buses. The remaining budget goes for Employee Attraction Marketing, Identification of Company Needs, and Management.

3. How much is my assessment?

A. There are a couple of ways for you to determine your EID assessment. The rate of the EID is $.00034. On the Kelley and Associates website dedicated to the EID Merger, you can access your parcel(s) within the District by clicking on the Check Your Parcel(s) AV button. Simply add your real estate and facility Assessment into the calculator (no commas) and your EID assessment will self-calculate. Or, simply contact Kelley & Associates via phone or email and we’ll provide you the estimated assessment. It has been estimated that overall, the total EID assessments amount to just over .01 per square foot of properties.



Tools For Owners

Click to search Hendricks County BEACON for current Assessed Value of your parcel(s).

Once you have your AV, click to visit Kelley & Associates. Enter total AV (no commas) and your annual EID assessment will be calculated.

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